Veigues Tactical Gladiator


Earth is on the brink of falling to alien forces. Humanity's last hope is you, at the helm of powerful combat mecha forged from reverse-engineered alien technology. Considered by some to be one of the under-appreciated gems of the US TurboGrafx library, this gorgeous mashup of side scrolling adventure and shoot 'em up genres transcends its generic and cliche back story. Its unorthodox control scheme can be off-putting and has undoubtedly prevented many a gamer from enjoying this title, but it is this very attribute which sets Veigues apart from the crowd by allowing for a surprisingly high degree of control to be had from a 2-button controller. RPG upgrade elements and multiple layers of parallax scrolling await those who are bold enough to master the controls.

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Release Date:

Players: 1

Format: card - 3 Megabit



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