Magazine Date Issue Cover Description
GamePro 1993 April 45 GamePro
GamePro 1993 August 49 GamePro GamePro Issue 49 (August 1993) is chock full of TTI advertisements and contains a review of Vasteel.
GamePro 1993 September 50 GamePro
GamePro 1993 October 51 GamePro GamePro Issue 51 (October 1993) has tips and tricks for several TurboGrafx games as well as a preview of John Madden DUO CD Football.
GamePro 1993 November 52 GamePro GamePro Issue 52 (November 1993) assures us that the Intelligent Link (SCSI CD-Rom interface for PC/MAC) is indeed going to be released (never was) and does Dungeon Explorer II injustice with a criminally short review.
GamePro 1993 December 53 GamePro GamePro Issue 53 (December 1993) disappoints anyone dreaming of a Turbo Christmas by encouraging its readers to not buy a Duo. Bonk makes a fan art appearance, and Madden football gets a negative review.
GamePro 1994 October 63 GamePro
GamePro 1994 November 64 GamePro It was game over for our beloved Duo by the time this issue went to press, but surprising optimism was expressed in anticipation of the Duo's successor, the PCFX.